Electroforged Grating

Better and Strong Electroforged Grating has supported many large-scale projects in the domestic market and even the world. Our many years of expertise coupled with our modern equipment and facilities have granted us a leading quality Electroforged grating manufacturer. Greatweld Engineering Pvt. Ltd. has a Electro-forge machine with the flexibility and capacity of welding a very wide range of bearing bar and cross bar sizes.

Material Uses

Mild carbon steel provides an economical, high strength for uses in most industrial and commercial applications. The load bearing bars are produced from steel which conforms to the following equivalent standards:
IS 2062 Gr. A, ASTM A36 or equivalent.

Metal Bar Grating

Metal bar grating can be defined as a series of metal bars positioned vertically, placed an equal distance apart and joined by cross members to form a rectangular or reticuline pattern. Typically manufactured from mild carbon steel, and 300 series stainless steels, bar gratings are also available in specialty metal alloys to suit nearly any application.

Cross Bars

The bars used to secure the position of the bearing bars are commonly designated as the Cross Bars . Cross bar profiles vary according to the method of assembly and material selected. As with bearing bars, cross bar spacing is measured as on center spacing. The customary cross bar spacing is 50 or 100 mm on center to center.

Bearing Bars

The vertically positioned bars are designated as the Bearing Bars. These bars range in size from 20x3 to 65x8. Typically, the spacing of the bearing bars is measured from the center of one bar to the center of the adjacent bar. This center to center or on center spacing ranges 25/30/33/41 mm on standard grating products. Standard gratings are also available with wider spacings providing even greater open area, but should not be specified without consulting the manufacturer.

Click To View Types Of Bearing Bar

1) Flat Type

Flat bars can be made from steel strip or slit sheet or from rolled.

2) Serrated Type

Serrated type grating offers users a slip-free surface. It is available with most of the standard bearing bars.

3) Twisted cross bar

An extruded and twisted cross bar having a cross sectional shape in square form. It gives more strenght to the grating.

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» Untreated
Allowing quicker delivery to customers whom fabricate and galvanize the grating on their own.

» Galvanized
Hot Dip Galvanizing can give a hygienic and clean maintenance free bright finish. The minimum average hot dip galvanized is coated as required by Standards IS2026, AS1650, BS729 and ASTM A123.

» Painted
It is available to meet clients' special need.